Thursday, May 26, 2011

Read the Latest in the Fight to Save Our Skateworld!

For those of you who know that I skate with San Diego Roller Derby at Skateworld, you know that I am also involved with the fight to save the city's last remaining roller rink. I have been working with the Friends of Skateworld, a non-profit group dedicated to saving this historic building and the roller rink it houses. Today the U-T reported that MRW, the development firm that was working with Bayside to take over the property and redevelop it into a "mixed-use" venue, has backed out of the project. Though it is uncertain whether Skateworld will be allowed to remain and serve the community as it has since 1975, this news brings some hope that we will see that happen. Skating has had a huge resurgence in the past several years. Why take away the last rink in the City of San Diego?

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