Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Derby Lite: San Diego Debuts April 3rd - Register Now!!

It's true! We are proud to be bringing a new kind of fitness class to the West Coast! You won't want to miss being a part of this fun new way to have fun and get fit!  Registration is now open!  Space is limited, so don't delay!  Visit: www.derbylite.net/register/ and enter code 06-040312.  You will be prompted through the registration process.  If you couldn't make it to our "Get In Gear" event last month, you can still sign up for the Spring Session. Here are some FAQs to get you familiar with our program and be sure to check out the video!

What does each class look like?
Our current members include women from 18-66 years old; students, professionals and stay-at-home moms. We do 10- 15 minutes of off-skates dynamic warm-ups, 60-70 minutes of skating and 10-15 minutes of off-skates strength training and cool down stretching. This is a high intensity workout. Beginner classes are 90 minutes long.

I haven’t been on skates since 8th grade, can I do this?
Absolutely! No skating experience is required, however we strongly recommend that if you have not skated in years or ever, that you go to a local roller rink to make sure that you are comfortable with roller skating for fitness, understanding that Derby Lite is not strictly a “how to skate” class. So, if you are comfortable on skates, can participate in 20 minutes of mid-intensity cardio exercise, and can fall down and get back up on your own, you can do Derby Lite. (We teach you the right way to fall.) Ladies are encouraged to use knowledge of their fitness ability and their own body to pace themselves. We expect beginning skaters to progress at their own comfort level and ability.

Am I going to get elbowed in the face? Knocked on my ass?
In Derby Lite we do not engage in full contact or deliberate impact. Instead we use positional blocking (literally positioning yourself in order to block or assist other skaters) and modified contact (we do touch each other while skating, using each other for stability, whipping, leaning or lightly bumping). We never intentionally hit or cause other skaters to fall down. Beginner & intermediate skaters will learn the skills & drills involved with game play, including positional blocking, but will not actually play the game.

Is skating good exercise?
Skating is fantastic exercise! It strengthens your bones, your muscles and your heart. The average person will burn 6-8 calories per minute while skating (according to ACE FitnessMatters, Volume 1, Number 4, 1995), so that would equate to 540-960 calories burned per Derby Lite practice. And it might be higher based on some of the plyometric and higher intensity drills that we do.

What do I need to get started with Derby Lite?
You need to complete your registration with Derby Lite on our website. We require full protective gear (helmet, knee pads, elbow pads, wrist guards and mouth guard) and quad speed skates. Derby Lite helps all its ladies get into the proper skates & gear upon completing your registration with us. You can get skates through us, or take the information we provide and get them someplace else.

I’m having a problem with the online registration process, what should I do?
Send an email to CustomerService@DerbyLite.org and provide information on the problem(s) you are having.

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